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People are sometimes surprised to learn that early in his career Oscar Wilde (1854—1900), the poet, playwright, and wit famous for his flamboyant and ultimately dramatic life in London and Paris, made two visits to America and Canada.

Further, that each of these visits was important variously in informing his personal development, works, and legacy.


Oscar Wilde's first visit to North America was for the entire year of 1882, during which time he conducting a lecture tour across the continent, including two tours of Canada, in which he undertook some 141 lectures. The itinerary of this formative lecture tour has never been precisely compiled—there have been several major previously published versions but none agrees with any other. A major focus of this web site is to provide a definitive itinerary of the lecture tour utilizing modern methods of archival research.

It was also shortly after his arrival in New York that  Wilde had a series of photographs taken that have come to define the image we have of him today. This web site is the only repository, in book form or online, where all of those photographs are displayed in one place. Here you can learn about each of the photographs, including Number 18 which was instrumental in establishing the U.S. law of copyright for photographs.

There have been countless thousands of performances of Wilde's plays worldwide in the last 130 years. But it is an under-appreciated fact that the first ever production of an Oscar Wilde play was in New York many years before his great success on the London stage. In August 1883 Wilde's early, and unsuccessful, play Vera; or, The Nihilists was staged—and Wilde made a second visit to America for a month to oversee the production. This web site examines the background to the play.

In the world of Wilde scholarship there exists much historical information relating to his time in America: works, ephemera, photographs, quotations, interviews, and more are collected on this web site.

This project is entirely informed by original research.

Selected Content

Du Maurier's Love Agony
The Rational Dress Society inform Oscar Wilde's The Philosophy of Dress
The ship on which Oscar Wilde first sailed to America.
A fragment of Wilde's manuscript notes for his first lecture:  The English Renaissance


Pre-tour cartoons of Wilde as aesthetic, and even in this case androgynous, helped to established a curiosity to see him.


Find out where Oscar first said that fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we have to alter it every six months. 


Discover the storied history of the ship on which Oscar Wilde first sailed to America.


A new addition to the Sarony series of photographs of Oscar Wilde rarely seen.

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It is well worth one's while to go to a country which can teach us the beauty of the word  FREEDOM and the value of the thing LIBERTY.

Oscar Wilde, 1883

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