This web site intends to use only information based on Primary Sources, and particularly so when the information relates to Oscar Wilde. By a primary source we mean the contemporaneous, documented, and reliable viewpoint of an individual participant or observer usually in the form of:

  • Newspapers, periodicals and other published materials reporting actual events, interviews, etc., by participants or observers.
  • Journals, speeches, letters, memos, manuscripts, diaries and other papers in which individuals describe events in which they were participants or observers.
  • Records of organizations. The minutes, reports,  correspondence, etc. of an organization or agency.
  • Primary accounts contained in memoirs, biography and autobiography although these may be less reliable if they are written well after the event especially if distorted by personal agenda, dimming memory or the revised perspective that may come with hindsight.
  • Period photographs.

For a lighter discussion of this topic see Blog article: Primary Sources


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‍NYH: The New York Herald

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‍Throughout this site you will see reference to Mason. This is a common notation in Wilde studies and it refers to:

‍Bibliography of Oscar Wilde, (1914)

‍by Stuart Mason [1]


‍[1] Pen name of Christopher Sclater Millard.

By a primary source we mean the contemporaneous, documented, and reliable viewpoint of an individual participant or observer.


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