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John Cooper 

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John Cooper, the researcher, author, and designer of this noncommercial web site, is a historian and independent scholar who has spent over 30 years in the study of Oscar Wilde.

He is a long-standing member of the Oscar Wilde Society in London, a founding member of the erstwhile Oscar Wilde Society of America, and a former manager of the Victorian Society In America. He lectures on Wilde, acts as a media consultant, and contributes to academic journals such as The Wildean where he also serves on the Editorial Board.

Online he is the author and editor of this noncommercial archive Oscar Wilde in America and author of the related scholarly blog, and was the moderator of early Oscar Wilde Internet discussion groups at both Yahoo and Google. 

For the last 20 years he has specialized in unique research into Oscar Wilde in New York, where he occasionally conducts guided walking tours based on the visits of Oscar Wilde. 

In 2012 John rediscovered Oscar Wilde's essay The Philosophy Of Dress that forms the centerpiece to his book Oscar Wilde On Dress (2013).


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The Project

This web site was created by John Cooper based on over 30 years of private study and countless hours in libraries and online since 2002. He is solely responsible for all original research, writing, editing, and web design. 

The site has been used by scholars, institutions, and the media around the world and is the largest online resource on the life and times of Oscar Wilde in America. 

The entire project was created without funding, and is freely provided and noncommercial. 

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