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Oscar Wilde In America

QUOTATION: "They say that when good Americans die they go to Paris," chuckled Sir Thomas...

"Really! And where do bad Americans go to when they die?" inquired the Duchess.

"They go to America," murmured Lord Henry.

where it appeared

In the book version of:

The Picture Of Dorian Gray, Ch. 3
Ward, Lock & Co., 1891

In the story the comment is made in general conversation by Lord Henry at a lunch given by Lady Agatha.


In the earlier magazine version in:

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine Vol. XLVI, No. 271, July [June 20] 1890, pp. 3-100.

The quotation does not appear here as originally published in thirteen chapters.

WHERE it reappeared

In the play:

A Woman of No Importance, 1894. Act 1.

MRS. ALLONBY. They say, Lady Hunstanton, that when good Americans die they go to Paris.
LADY HUNSTANTON. Indeed? And when bad Americans die, where do they go to?
LORD ILLINGWORTH. Oh, they go to America.

Book: Mason 328
Magazine: Mason 81
Play: Mason 364


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