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A Selected Resource Of Oscar Wilde's Visits To America

QUOTATION: Who am I to tamper with a masterpiece?

[Said about one of his own works.]


‍At Delmonico's restaurant (to Edgar Saltus) in New York City shortly after Wilde's arrival in New York, 1882


‍Oscar Wilde, An Idler's Impression. Chicago, Brothers of the Book, 1917, pp 14, 15.

‍Edgar Saltus, 1855-1921

‍See the snippet opposite or View The Entire Book.


‍It is not clear at which Delmonico's location Wilde said the remark. For a history of the various Delmonico's restaurants and their locations see Wikipedia.


‍A Wilde quotation about Delmonico’s.


‍In a newspaper report of an encounter with Wilde.

‍The Midland Daily Telegraph, January 18th, 1894.

‍These two examples occurring 12 years and 3000 miles apart lend credence to the remark.

At Delmonico's restaurant (to Edgar Saltus) in New York City

Edgar Saltus, 1855-1921

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