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Oscar Wilde In America

a selected resource of oscar wilde's visits to america

Richmond, VA

The Decorative Arts | Richmond Theatre | Tuesday, July 11, 1882

* The end of Wilde's lecture tour of the South.

After Richmond, Wilde took time off from regular lecturing, and traveled to Newport, RI (via New York) to be guest of Julia Ward Howe.



Newspaper Report

Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA), July 12, 1882, 1



Newspaper Advertisement

Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA), July 11, 1882, 2


historical note

Richmond Theatre*
701 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA

Built: 1862
Opened: February 9, 1863
Demolished: 1896
Replaced by: The Globe (Arnold & Co., clothing house)

* The second theatre of this name in Richmond. The first was destroyed by a fire that killed 72 people and was the worst urban disaster in American history at the time. The Monumental Church was erected on the site as a memorial.

It was replaced as a theatre by the Marshall Theatre on the corner of Seventh and Broad Streets which was itself destroyed by fire on January 2, 1862. This was replaced on the same site by the (new) Richmond Theatre where Wilde lectured.


Richmond Theatre—Demolished, 1896


Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA), July 26, 1896


No record of Wilde's accommodation in Richmond, where he stayed overnight before traveling north the next day.

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