Coulter Opera House

Friday, March 3, 1882


The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

Chicago Tribune, March 5, 1882, 5



Coulter Opera House

Broadway and Downer Place, Aurora, IL


Opened: October 1874

Named for: John R. Coulter, Sr., stockholder

Closed as a theatre: 1890

Building extant: became a bank, latterly Merchants Bank and Fifth Third Bank, but the property is now Coulter Court Residences (affordable housing)


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No record is currently available as to whether Wilde stayed overnight in Aurora, but it is entirely possible he traveled on by train the 50 miles to Chicago, which was his base for this midwest leg of the tour. 


He was certainly in Chicago on the following afternoon prior to traveling up to Racine, WI, for an evening lecture.

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