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Oscar Wilde In America

a selected resource of oscar wilde's visits to america

Toronto, ON

The House Beautiful | Pavilion of the Horticultural Gardens | Saturday, may 27, 1882

Wilde's second lecture in Toronto.



Newspaper Reports

The Toronto Evening Telegram, May 27, 1882
The Toronto Mail, May 28, 1882

Among other, both newspapers reported Wilde's lecture, his appearance, and his activities.

Quoted in Oscar Wilde Discovers America (1882), Lewis & Smith, 1936


Newspaper Announcement

The Toronto Globe , May 26, 1882

Announced after Wilde's first lecture in Toronto that he would speak again next Saturday afternoon... and:

"if it is as well packed as was the Grand Opera House last night it will assuredly be a house beautiful..."


historical note

Pavilion of the Horticultural Gardens
Between Carlton and Gerrard Streets, Toronto, ON (now Allan Gardens Conservatory, 19 Horticultural Ave.)

Opened: 1879 (Langley, Langley and Burke, architects)
Conservatory expansion: 1894
Destroyed (fire): June 6, 1902
Replaced: 1910 by the Palm House



Queen's Hotel
NE corner of Front and York Streets, Toronto, ON (now 100 Front Street West)


Original residential buildings: 1844
Buildings combined: 1856 (Sword’s Hotel)
Expanded until: 1862 (Queen's Hotel)
Closed: September 10, 1927
Demolished: 1927
Replaced by: The Royal York Hotel (opened June 11, 1929, extant)

The Horticultural Pavilion in the 1880s

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