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Oscar Wilde In America

a selected resource of oscar wilde's visits to america

Oakland, CA

The English Renaissance* | Armory Hall (Oakland Light Cavalry) | Monday, March 28, 1882

* Variation—see Clarification.



Newspaper Report

Oakland Tribune, March 29, 1882, p.3



Newspaper Item

Oakland Tribune, March 29, 1882, p.3



Newspaper Advertisement

Oakland Tribune, March 27, 1882, p.2



As to lecture title

At this point in in his lecture tour, Wilde was delivering two lectures: The Decorative Arts (which was an adaptation of his first lecture The English Renaissance) and The House Beautiful, which he reserved for when he lectured twice in the same city. In San Francisco, however, Wilde was scheduled to lecture four times.

[See Lecture Titles for an analysis of all of Wilde's lecture titles.]

Wilde, therefore, resurrected The English Renaissance for an additional lecture. The reason he had previously adapted this lecture was that it had proved 'too lengthy and theoretical for many in Wilde's audience' [1], and it is evident from the reported content that he delivered a variation of it in Oakland.

[1] Holland, Merlin. The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde edited by and Rupert Hart-Davis, London: Fourth Estate; New York: Henry Holt, 2000.

historical note

Armory Hall (Oakland Light Calvary)
Corner of Twelfth and Washington Streets, Oakland, CA


No further information.


Wilde's base while in California was The Palace Hotel in San Francisco. See special feature below.


The Palace Hotel

Reception afterwards

Oakland Tribune, March 28, 1882, 2


The personal column of the San Francisco Chronicle for this day contains a notice to the effect that Oscar Wilde would present a diamond ring to the most aesthetically dressed lady at his next lecture in Oakland.

The other notices provide an insight into other personal matters of the day. The one above the Wilde notice contains a warning to a man who was on the same ferry boat that Oscar took over from Oakland to San Francisco after his arrival in California two days earlier.

San Francisco Chronicle, March 28, 1882

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