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Oscar Wilde In America

oscar wilde's 1882 lecture tour of america

Buffalo, NY

The English Renaissance | Academy of Music | Wednesday, February 8, 1882



Newspaper report

Buffalo Courier, February 9th, 1882


Wilde's lecture in Buffalo was a matinee, after which he caught the 6:10 PM train to Niagara (see Wilde In Niagara).

Although Wilde did not stay overnight in Buffalo, he did take a room for the day at the Tifft House .

The report (above) of Wilde's lecture describes how he was not in evening dress for the matinee lecture, so to the disappointment of many he was not wearing his knee-breeches.

The report also attest to Wilde's growing ability as an orator stating that he was "plainly to be seen that he was speaking largely from memory".

The report contains the full text of Wilde's lecture, and an interview with him in which he confirms that his lecture content had changed considerably by this time, and would be changed further.

historical note

Academy of Music
Main Street, Buffalo NY

Opened: October 15, 1852 (as the Metropolitan Theatre)
Name changed: For the season of 1868
Destroyed (fire): September 1, 1895

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tifft1The Tifft House (1865) on Main Street just north of Lafayette Square. This was Wilde's headquarters for the day.

Wilde did not stay overnight in Buffalo but departed for Niagara in the early evening.

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Buffalo Courier, February 9th, 1882


Buffalo Courier, February 12th, 1882


Buffalo Express, February 7th, 1882

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