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Tabor Grand Opera House

Saturday, April 15, 1882

The House Beautiful


Biographical account

Lewis and Smith, Oscar Wilde Discovers America 1882, (1936), p. 324

Contains several local contemporary newspaper reports of Wilde's second appearance in Denver on April 15th, and quotes the known content of Wilde's alternative lecture The House Beautiful.

This was Wilde's second lecture in Denver (see also April 12, 1882)

Newspaper advertisement

The Daily Denver News, April 13, 1882, 4


Tabor Grand Opera House (and hotel)

Southwest corner of Sixteenth and Curtis Streets, Denver, CO

Built: 1880-81 (W.J. Edbrooke, F. P. Burnham, Chicago, IL, for Horace A. W. Tabor)

Opened: 1881

Remodeled: 1921 (as a movie theater)

Demolished: 1964

Site now occupied by: a bank

Wilde's second lecture in Denver within three days.


Wilde had also appeared at another Tabor Opera House two days earlier when he lectured in Leadville, CO.


Windsor Hotel

Northeast corner of 18th and Larimer Streets, Denver, CO

Built: 1879-80 (James Duff)

Opened: June 23, 1880

Demolished: 1960s

Replaced by: a parking lot

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