The Definitive Resource Of Oscar Wilde's Visits To America


Newspaper report

Fort Wayne Daily Gazette, February 17, 1882


Academy of Music *

215 E. Berry St., Fort Wayne, IN (between Clinton and Barr Streets)

Built: 1870, as The Rink: a roller skating venue

Converted to a public hall: c. 1878-80

Later known as: The People's Theatre, which name is on the sign in the image opposite

Demolished: 1901-02

* Previously published itineraries list the venue as "Old Academy"; however, it was never known officially by this name and the reference may have been a colloquialism.


The Pictorial History of Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Bert Joseph Griswold, Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor. Robert O. Law Company (1917).

Some Things Never Change


The Aveline House

SE corner of Calhoun and Berry Streets, Fort Wayne, IN

Built: 1863 (Francis Aveline); originally four-story

Destroyed (fire): May 3, 1908, 11 people died

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