Oscar Wilde In America

DETAiled verification of Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour of North America



Stratford's Opera House

Friday, May 26, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The Brantford Expositor, May 27?, 1882

Newspaper advertisement

Newspaper unknown, May, 1882

The date 1881 is a typographical error.

The New York Mirror, c. June 1882


Stratford's Opera House

140 Colborne Street, Brantford, ON (now Harmony Square)

Built: 1866, as Ker's Hall (James Ker)*

Converted: 1881 (Joseph Stratford)

Opened as Stratford's Opera House: October 1881

Seating capacity: 1000 (600 iron opera chairs plus ordinary seating in gallery, circles and private boxes)

Destroyed (fire): January 10, 1908

* Not James Kerby, another prominent Brantford developer.


Wilde did stay overnight in Brantford but his lodgings are unknown. The most likely hotel would have been Kerby House.

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