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Town Hall Auditorium

Monday, May 29, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The Woodstock Sentinel-Review, June 2, 1882, 5

"Oscar Wilde, the boss showman of the day, made a great impression here on Monday night. Oscar is not so much of a fool as he looks. He knows how to make money."

Newspaper advertisement

The Woodstock Sentinel-Review, May 26, 1882, 8


Town Hall Auditorium*

466 Dundas Street, Woodstock, ON, Market Square

Built: 1851-52 (from a design by Antoine Grobl)

Opened: 1853

Auditorium: second floor

Extended: 1871 (fire hall)

Extant as Woodstock Museum

* Under the auspices of the Mechanics' Institute

* The Old Town Hall became City Hall in 1901 when the town gained its city status. It was eventually succeeded as City Hall by the Post Office and Customs House extant at 500 Dundas St., built 1901. It is now a historical museum.

Most recent photograph courtesy of John Griffith, 2023.


The O'Neill House

121-129 Market Square, Woodstock, ON

Built: 1880

Opened: 1881

Name changed: 1895 (Oxford Hotel)

Closed: c. 1990s

Abandoned: 1996

Building extant but unoccupied at 2019

Most recent photograph courtesy of John Griffith, 2023.

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