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(Shed's) Opera House

Tuesday, April 25, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper reports

The Fremont Herald, April 27, 1882

Fremont Weekly Tribune, April 20, 1882

Newspaper clippings courtesy of Barbara Bandlow, Keene Memorial Library, Fremont, NE.


(Shed's) Opera House

Fourth Street, near Main Street, Fremont, NE

Built: 1874 (E. O. Crosby)

Seating capacity: 750

Destroyed (fire): 1877

Replaced by: Love's Opera House (1878)

The Opera House was the only public hall in the city in 1882. It was built by E. O. Crosby in 1874 before passing into the hands of a joint-stock company, being purchased by Z. Shed it became known as Shed's Opera House.

History of the State of Nebraska, first published in 1882, The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas, Proprietor, Chicago, IL



Book: Robert A Schanke, Fremont’s Love Opera House, Nebraska History 55 (1984): 220-253 cites the Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune, April, 1882 (no date given)

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