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New York

New York

Wallack's Theatre

Thursday, May 11, 1882 (Afternoon)

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The Sun (New York), May 12, 1882

This was Oscar second of three lectures in New York City; the others were his first and his last lectures of the tour.

He also lectured on two occasions in Brooklyn, NY., one in February, and one the day after this lecture in New York.

For the evolution of this lecture see Lecture Titles.

Newspaper advertisement

The New York Times, May 10, 1882


Wallack's Theatre

30th Street and Broadway, New York City, NY (now 1220 Broadway)

Construction: commenced: May 21, 1881

Dedicated: January 4, 1882

Developer: Lester Wallack

Architect: George A. Freeman, Jr.

Name changed: 1888 (Palmer's Theatre)

Name restored: December 7, 1896

Closed: May 1, 1915

Demolished: 1915

Replaced by: an eight-story factory building (subsequently demolished)

There have been four theaters in New York with this name. For chronology see: Wallack's Theatre



Grand Hotel

SE corner of 31st Street and Broadway (now 1232-1238 Broadway, New York City, NY)

Built: 1868 (Henry Engelbert, architect)

Extant as a multi-purpose building 

Wilde arrived back in New York from the West on or about the evening of May 8th. He was interviewed by The New York World at the Grand Hotel before leaving to lecture in Freehold, NJ.

As Wilde was interviewed at the Grand, had stayed there at least once previously when passing through the city, and now spent some time in and around New York before leaving for Canada, it is likely that he again stayed at the Grand on this occasion. He also wrote a note from there dated May 11 to Anne Lynch Botta declining an invitation. 

The Grand Hotel (extant) was adjacent to Wallack's Theatre as can be sen in the photograph.

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