Oscar Wilde In America

DETAiled verification of Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour of North America


Nova Scotia

Academy of Music

Monday, October 9, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

Halifax Morning Chronicle, October 10, 1882, 3

[Original unseen as noted by Kevin O’Brien in Oscar Wilde in Canada: An Apostle for the Arts, 1982, p. 131 (note p. 189).]

Report entitled: “Oscar Wilde’s Lecture Last Night”.


Ottawa daily Citizen, October 9, 1882, 1

Grip, October 21, 1882, Vol. XIX No. 22, p. 2


Academy of Music

Barrington Street, at Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS

Built: 1876

Opened: 1877

Seating: 1500

Renamed: 1918 (The Majestic)

Demolished: 1929

Replaced by: Capitol Theatre (1930)


Waverley Hotel

Pleasant Street, Halifax, NS (now 1266 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Y5

Built: c. 1800, as a private residence

Converted: 1876 as Waverley House

Extant: as Waverley Inn

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