Oscar Wilde In America

DETAiled verification of Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour of North America



Grand Opera House

Thursday, February 2, 1882

The English Renaissance


Newspaper report

Hartford Daily Courant, Feb 3, 1882


Roberts' Opera House

937 Main Street, Hartford, CT

Opened: January 20, 1869 (W.H. Roberts)

Change of management: July 1, 1886, upgraded (F.F. Proctor)

Demolished: c. 1900

Behind the Opera House is Christ Church Cathedral (1829—extant)


United States Hotel

26 State Street, Hartford, CT

Built: 1826 (site of Ripley's Coffee House)

Opened: April 16, 1827

Rebuilt and enlarged: 1855

Improvements: 1869 (consolidated with Trumbull House)

Converted to mercantile use: c. 1900, subsequently demolished 

United States Hotel and Honiss Oyster House, State Street, Hartford, CT. Honnis Oyster House closed on March 1, 1982 after 137 years of operation. 

See note below about Wilde's oyster supper.


Wilde Oyster Supper

The New North-West, Deerfield, MT, March 10, 1882, 1

Wilde”s Cigarette Holder?

Listing from the Auction Catalogue of the

A. E. Brooks's Collection, Hartford Press (1899)

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