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New York

The Argyle Hotel

Wednesday, August 2, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The Corrector, (Sag Harbor, L.I.), Aug 5, 1882


The Argyle Hotel

Argyle Park, Main Street, Babylon, NY

Built: 1882 (English design for Austin Corbin, pres. Long Island Railroad)

Interior style: Eastlake, with a baronial dining room

Demolished: March 1904, to make way for 20 summer cottages


After his Summer vacation in Newport and various watering places around the North-east shores, Wilde resumed lecturing at Babylon. During his holiday, often sailing with friends, Wilde appears to have arranged for himself (rather than through his tour manager) future lectures at various shore hotels, such as at Long Branch, Long Beach, Narragansett Pier, and in the Catskills. For these, Wilde invariably stayed at the hotel at which he lectured.

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