Oscar Wilde In America

DETAiled verification of Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour of North America


New Jersey

Park Theatre

Tuesday, May 9, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report (below)

Newark Morning Record, May 10, 1882, 1

Newspaper Advertisement Opposite)

Newark Morning Record, May 9, 1882

Note in the advertisement that at the same theatre on the day after Wilde's lecture, there is a performance of the comic opera Patience which Wilde was being used to promote.


Park Theatre

14-16 West Park Street*, Newark, NJ

As the Park Presbyterian Church

Dedicated: 1850

Occupied: 1851

Abandoned and sold: 1872

As the Park Theatre

Remodeled: c. 1872

Closed as a theatre: c. 1887

As a library

Reconstructed: c. 1887 by the Newark Library Association

Occupied: 1889-1901 (by the Free Public Library)

Occupied: 1901 (by the New Jersey Historical Society)

Now demolished.

West Park Street is now more commercially renamed Prudential Dr. for the 20-story annex to the Prudential HQ that now stands there. As a reminder of its former west-side counterpart, East Park Street still exists across Broad Street beyond Military Park.

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