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The Pavilion

Monday, June 19, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The Galveston Daily News, June 22, 1882, 4

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL), June 21, 1882

Newspaper notice

The Decatur Daily Republican, June 21, 1882, 3


The Pavilion

East side of 21 Street at the beachfront, Galveston, TX

Opened: April 1881 (Nicholas J. Clayton, architect)

Built for: the thirteenth Texas Saengerfest, April 18-22, 1881

Capacity: 5000

Destroyed (fire): August 1, 1883


Wilde's lecture venue in Galveston had a short lifetime: it was destroyed by fire less than two and half years after it was built as the state's first building with electric lighting, and just over a year after Wilde lectured there.

The two photographs of the Pavilion below were taken concurrently. On the left a crowd gathers for an occasion for which a scaffold has been erected on the beach. On the right*, presumably later as the crowd has grown, we can see a high-wire performance.

* This photograph is sometimes shown incorrectly reversed; the towers of the building were on the left when viewed from the beach.


(New) Tremont House *

Corner of Tremont and Church Streets, Galveston, TX (now 23rd and Avenue F)

Built: 1871 (Nicholas J. Clayton, architect, for the Galveston Hotel Company)

Opened: February, 1872

Closed: November 1, 1928

Demolished: December, 1928

The view northeast from the roof of Wilde's hotel, before 1890.

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