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Gray's Opera House

Friday, June 23, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The Dallas Weekly Herald, June 29, 1882, 3

The Houston Daily Post, June 25, 1882

We think Mr. Wilde's manner, dress and delivery very unfortunate, but must confess that we cordially wish that his noble and blissful sentiments in respect to the ordering of a true and happy life would sink deep into the hearts of this people.


Gray's Opera House

West side of Fannin Street, Houston, TX, between Congress and Preston Streets (now 320 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77002, opposite the courthouse)

Opened: c. 1860s (as Gray's Hall)

Converted: May 1879 (Gray's Opera House)

Seating capacity: 800-1000

Destroyed (fire): August 8, 1889

Replaced by: Sweeney and Coombs Opera House (opened November 3, 1890) which later became the Houston Theatre and The Prince. But this is not the same building as Gray's as sometimes suggested.

Blaze: The Galveston Daily News, August 8, 1888, 8


Hutchins' House

North side of Franklin Street between Main and Travis Streets, Houston, TX

Opened: March 18, 1867 (William J. Hutchins)

Enlarged: as New Hutchins' House

Destroyed (fire): October 19, 1901

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