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Long Beach

New York

Long Beach Hotel

Wednesday, August 16, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

The New York Herald, Aug 17, 1882

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug 22, 1882

On Wednesday August 16, Oscar Wilde interrupted his tour of the Catskills where he was touring to return to New York, from where he took the Long Beach Railroad to lecture that evening at the Long Beach Hotel. He traveled there, and back that evening, in a party that included the actor Steel Mackaye and his wife.

Given the one-day interruption to his Catskills itinerary, it seems likely that the Long Beach lecture was one of those prearranged when he vacationed at the resorts of New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey in July. For Wilde’s visit on that occasion see A Scene at Long Beach.

Venue and Accommodation

Long Beach Hotel

Long Beach, Long Island, NY

Site leased: 1878

Built: 1880

Design: Queen Anne style; 1100 feet long

Rooms: 550

Destroyed (fire): July 29, 1907 


Sea By The City

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