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Cedar Rapids


Greene's Opera House

Friday, April 28, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper reports

The Decatur Herald, April 30, 1882, 1

The Cedar Rapids Times (weekly):

April 13, 1882, 3

April 20, 1882, 3

April 27, 1882, 3

May 4, 1882, 3


Greene's Opera House

Second Street, between First and A Avenues (now 113-117 Second Street NE), Cedar Rapids, IA

Built: 1879-80

Opened: December 27, 1880

Named for: George Greene, 1817–1880, justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, railroad entrepreneur

Capacity: c.1600 when built, not all seated

Closed as a theater: December 1921 for use as a movie theater

Converted: 1934 to an indoor parking garage for the Roosevelt Hotel

Condemned: 1968

Demolished: March 1969


No record is currently available as to whether Wilde stayed overnight in Cedar Rapids. If he did, it would most likely have been at the Northwestern Hotel.

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