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Music Hall 

Tuesday, May 2, 1882

The Decorative Arts


Newspaper report

Dayton Daily Democrat, May 3, 1882, 4

Newspaper Advertisement

Dayton Daily Democrat, April 24, 1882, 1

The original Turner Opera House


Music Hall

Southeast corner of First and Main Streets, Dayton OH (now 138 North Main Street, Dayton, OH 45402)

Opened: November 28, 1871 (auspices of The Music Hall Company, T.S. Babbitt, president)

Seating capacity: c. 1200

Premises: when the six-story Turner Opera House (1866) was destroyed by fire on May 16, 1869, a three-story edifice was rebuilt incorporating only a part the surviving facade of its predecessor; it resumed operations as the Music Hall

Name change: 1885, The Grand Opera House

Name change: 1899, Victoria Opera House

Name change: 1903, Victoria Theatre 

Damaged (fire): 1918

Remodeled: 1919 as Victory Theatre

Various improvements: 1930‚ÄĒ1970s

Renovated and restored: 1989 as Victoria Theatre (extant)

The Turner Opera House after the 1866 fire

Rebuilt as the Music Hall where Wilde lectured

The Victoria Theatre renovated 1989 (extant)


Beckel House

Northwest corner of Third and Jefferson Streets, Dayton, OH

Opened: 1866

Demolished: 1964

Opposite: lobby of the Beckel House

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